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Wed, Apr 19, 2017 12:00 PM

Email transcript for all to see how this company resorts to extortion to get their ETFs.

I am going to give you guys one more chance to read and INTERPRET this , I put the part about termination fees in bold. Termination of business is not CONVENIENCE as CONVENIENCE is defined explicitly in the previous section in this same contract and it does not include termination of business.  Termination of business is defined under CAUSE. This is  also not comcast terminating services due to material breach as material breach is also defined as non payment by customer or other misuse of the service. This is very clear that my situation of termination of business is not subject to an ETF as it's not for convenience or a material breach. If you don't get it, then I have no choice but to proceed. I highly suggest you consult your legal department unless you are a lawyer before you refuse to deal with this any further.



5.3 Effect of Expiration or Termination of the Agreement or a Service Order. Upon the expiration or termination of a Service Order for any reason: (i) Comcast may disconnect the applicable Service; (ii) Comcast may delete all applicable data, files, electronic messages, voicemail or other information stored on Comcast’s servers or systems; (iii) if Customer has terminated the Service Order prior to the expiration of the Service Term for convenience, or if Comcast has terminated the Service Order prior to the expiration of the Service Term as a result of material breach by Customer, Comcast may assess and collect from Customer applicable Termination Charges; (iv) Customer shall, permit Comcast access to retrieve from the applicable Service Locations any and all Comcast Equipment (however, if Customer fails to permit access, or if the retrieved Comcast Equipment has been damaged and/or destroyed other than by Comcast or its agents, normal wear and tear excepted, Comcast may invoice Customer for the full replacement cost of the relevant Comcast Equipment, or in the event of minor damage to the retrieved Comcast Equipment, the cost of repair, which amounts shall be immediately due and payable); and (v) if used in conjunction with the terminated Service, Customer’s right to use applicable Licensed Software shall automatically terminate, and Customer shall be obligated to return the Licensed Software to Comcast.


Hi Asif,


Per our conversation, disconnecting your account for closing your business would result in a termination fee on the business account. If you would like to speak to your legal, for any advice on the terms and conditions, that is your decision.









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