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Sat, May 24, 2014 9:00 PM

Do I need to change to residential??

I just had Comcast Business class installed last Monday.  I have the internet and phone currently.  I still have AT&T for TV, however, I wanted to switch that over to Comcast as well.


I am getting a lot of conflicting information.


I am interested in getting the Xfinity X1 platform for TV.


So, first I was told I could have a separate residential account for this.  So, I attempted to order and was told no.


Then I was told I could do this, but it would not be Xfinity X1, as it would have to accompany Xfinity Internet and phone.


So, that's fine.  I'd be willing to switch over to residential.  I work from home and my employer pays for Internet and phone.


So, then...  I asked the question... will the bill show the services separately (phone, Internet and TV itemized).  I have to submit the bill each month itemized for reimbursement.  Customer service tells me no, it shows as a bundle only.


So, I am hoping someone can clear this all up and let me know my options as I really would like to discontinue AT&T and get Xfinity X1.




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7 y ago

Hello again MikeCT01,


I am not sure what type of information you have been gettiing but please use the following:


1. For X1 information use this site


2. If you company is paying for your Comcast Business Class (CBC) service this means you are a Comcast National Teleworker. Comcast provides ALL teleworker customers working at their home ONLY Internet and Telephone services. You cannot obtain and  CBC TV service because you work from home.


3. As a CBC teleworker customer you can definitely have Comcast Residential TV service. In the brief research I have done around this aspect, there are no restrictions in the X1 offerings that you must have mutiple bundled residential service to have X1 platform as part of your residential TV service. I would try to contact a residential sales representative to obtain you new Comcast residential TV service.



Hope this helps you out. 

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7 y ago

Thanks for the reply.  


I did call earlier today, and was told: Yes, I can have a separate residential account.  But, I only want TV for this, as I have internet and phone via my business account.


They were getting ready to sign me up and I asked, would this be the Xfinity X1 platform.  I was told no.  The only way to get Xfinity X1 platform would be to have at least a double play.


Granted, my employer is reimbursing me for internet and phone, but I don't want to pay for a Xfinity X1 Double play or triple play since I only need the TV.