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Tue, Jul 9, 2019 4:00 PM

Disconnected in January 2019 - Still being Billed including Disconnection Threat

I stopped using Comcast in Spring 2017. Continued to pay due to ETF. Disconnected service in Jan 2019. I have been on the phone multiple times since January 2019 to get disconnection completed. Today, still not disconnected but received a phone message that my service was disconnected due to over due bills. ARE YOU KIDDING!? You guys OWE ME money due to credits! My service was supposed to be disconnected. literally 6 months+ ago now. I am not paying you a dime more. YOU ARE PAYING my credit. And my next thing tonight is to check my credit report. PRAY it has not been reported because my retained attorney needs to earn his keep! 





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2 years ago

Hello, thanks for taking the time to share this experience with us on forums. If the account was supposed to be closed 6 months ago, I can understand why you would be upset and extremely disappointed. This is not the service we strive to provide and this type of story is tough to read about 😞 I will be happy to follow up on your account and do all I can to help get your account closed and your services credited for the right dates. Are you able to send a private message so I can assist? If you can include your name as it appears on your account, the account number, and the service address (with the city, state, and zip code) I can take the right course of action to help.