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Fri, Mar 16, 2018 8:00 AM

Current Customers Pay Higher Bills

I am a current Business Internet Customer in my home because the residential internet packages do not provide enough upload speed to cover the large photography and game design projects my wife and I have to do for college. Nor is 10Mbps enough for our once a week work from home days via VPN. 


I signed up with the 2 year agreement last April for $249.99 per month for the Deluxe 250 Internet (250Mbps Down/25 Mbps Up).

Just about 1 year later I look and see that new customers can now get the same package for $139.95 per month (regular price listed as $199.95) or the upgraded 500Mbps/35Mbps at $199.95 per month (regular price listed as $249.95). So I call up to find out what can be done to lower my bill. I am willing to renew the contract and would even accept the regular price of the 250/25 internet I have now or keep paying what I am and get the upgraded speed of 500/35. 


They are unwilling to budge saying the Agreement (not a contract due to some legal differences) is for 2 years and my regular price is $349.95 so the $249.95 is a steal as it is $100 less. How can my regular price be different than someone else's regular price or the current listed regular price? That would be like going into Walmart and because I had been there before an item will cost me more money  than someone that is going to that store for the first time. And I am not talking the promotional prices here, just the regular prices; I understand promotions change and different people could have different coupons. But having the starting price change is a problem.


I am posting here in the hopes that someone can help make sense of this and maybe someone at Comcast can fix this issue before I take it anywhere else. All I want is to at least have my regular price match that of current offers.


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3 y ago


Hi nowherepeoplebr and welcome to the business forums. 


I would like to assist with your billing concerns and review your rate. Please private message me your full name, the name of your business, the full address and the phone number associated with your account.