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Mon, Jan 25, 2021 6:00 PM

Covid based govt shut downs of my business drove us to closure, lost lease

Dear Comcast,

We had a gym in Washington State.  8-10 months of government mandated forced shut downs due to Covid has ruined the business and now we have lost our lease.  We are looking at significant bills in back rent and reimbursements we need to make for customers who prepaid for service. We are physically out of the building and have returned Comcast equipment, but Comcast insists that we pay for the full remainder of our two year contract (for a service that no longer exists).  We have tried to "give" it to the landlord, and the new business but no luck.  We are looking to ext this contract due to circumstances entirely out of our control.  I can maybe scrape together two months of fees to offer to you.  Can you help?

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