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Fri, Sep 4, 2015 10:00 AM

copy of contract and contract end date

Good morning,


As many others here have requested, I would like a copy of my business contract and contract end date sent to my email address on file.  With this question so commonly asked, one would think this information would be available through our account portal.  





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Could you please provide me with your account information and an email address that you would like the contract sent to?

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agreed there should be an option to see this in the portal, by having to call in and not having this easily accessible it makes it seem as though Comcast wants to make it difficult to know when your contract is up so that you can shop around. It seems unethical and because contract law is involved, borderline illegal. 

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Thank you for the feedback, and we take ALL feedback as a gift. I have passed your sentiment along, and also strongly suggest sharing your experience here 


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