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Sun, Aug 2, 2020 8:00 PM

Cannot load account page on any web browser over past ~2 months

Ever since Comcast made an update to their website about 2 months ago I cannot access my account information page correctly anymore. No matter which computer or OS or web browser that I try I always get the white screen with the stuck UI elements. Even a fresh windows install with Fresh firefox/google chrome install (no extensions) doesn't work.

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2 y ago

Hello, how are you? I hope overall your day has been a good one! I am sorry you are having trouble logging into your account on all devices. I know this must be causing a huge inconvenience. I will be happy to take the right actions to help. Are you able to send a private message when you have a moment? If you could include your name, service address, and account number (or phone number) I can help you in greater detail.