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Fri, Dec 5, 2014 11:00 AM

Business Account - billing management

I set up our accounts - linked the two accounts we have for on-line billing.  I want invoices to go to my AP department but there is no where to change who the paperless invoices can be sent to that email address rather than mine (I am the primary contact on the account.).




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7 y ago

Hello JMAGNANT and welcome,


Yes, the business customer sensitive billing information is ONLY available to those whose email accounts have the required permissions. This is a major security facility that Comcast has out in place for the intuitively obvious reasons.  


If you want other employees to have billing information access, then your  Business Class Portal (BCP) administrator simply needs to provide them with an email account on your BCP, where the billing address is available, and provide them will BIlling Access permissions and they will be able to access your billing information.


Hope this helps you out.