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Unburied cable


Unburied cable

A comcast tech installed a new service to a neighboring property over 2 months ago. They ran a new coax cable down a pole in my yard, then 100' across my yard; its just laying in the grass instead of haning overhead. All utilities in the area are aerial with lines & poles across the rear lot lines. The cable needs to be installed overhead. Can someone help with this?


There is a post about unburried cables in the xfinity forums but I do not have residential service so I cannot post there.

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Re: Unburied cable


Hi arandazz and welcome to the support forums. 


I can certainly assist with this cable burial. Please private message me your account number and the name of your business. You can also include any photos of the cable if you would like as well. 

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Re: Unburied cable

We called Comcast regarding a calbe in our backyard that was installed without our knowledge and the comcast person jumped our fence to conect it, to provide services to a neighbor. Comcast customer service promised to call two days ago and we are still waiting for a resolution because even that the first thought is that the cable needs to be buried we believe that is not the correct place to conect and buried a cable coming from our property. There is another box that is siituated in the backyard of that neigbor and that cannot be seen because it is covered by a fence of another neighbor that is the box that has access  to provide services to them. Our location is Edgemont Ranch Ln, and the neighbor's location is on Notch St. We need someone to come over and remove the cable and check that the proper location to connect the person on Notch Trail is in the box behind his property. 



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Re: Unburied cable

Hi wrightj62 and welcome to the business support forums. 


I would like to assist with your cable. Please private message me your full name, the full address of where this line is located and your best contact number. 

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