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'True Bridge Mode'

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'True Bridge Mode'

Bridge Mode or ‘True Bridge Mode’

With bridged devices the “Public” IP is announced directly to the customer owned managed Firewall or Router versus a Private IP (10.1.10.X or 192.168.1.X, etc.). 


If you want to use ‘true bridge mode’, please note the following characteristics of devices in bridge mode:

  • Does not have router capabilities or support LAN DHCP
  • Cannot have a fixed Static IP assignment

Comcast Business customers can select devices from the following equipment list that are capable of running in bridge mode: equipment options.  In addition, Comcast Business customers can have their existing gateway/routers set to true bridge mode by contacting Comcast Support at 1-800-391-3000 


Note:  the Cisco 3939B BWG cannot support WiFi in bridge mode.

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