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Bridge Mode vs Static IP with Cisco DPC3939B


Bridge Mode vs Static IP with Cisco DPC3939B



I am trying to set up a VPN, and need to get the public IP address to my VPN router.  I have the Cisco DPC3939B business modem.  It appears there are two ways to accomplish my goal, and I am interested in the differences.


First, I could have the modem put in "Bridge Mode".  Then it will simply pass the IP address to whatever is connected to the LAN ports on the modem (if I understand correctly).


Second, I could get a static IP address and have that address passed through to the VPN router.  What I am unclear of is how to pass the IP address.  Does Comcast set this up?


I have tried simply port forwarding, but the router doesn't truely see the public IP address and instead sees it's address as the private IP address served by the modem.


Thanks for any words of wisdom.



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