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New Comcast customer cannot ping or traceroute to 5 static IP addresses

I am a new customer to comcast services and have not been able to get to my 5 static IP addresses assigned.

I can ping and traceroute to the default gateway, but when trying to get to the IP's from the internet, I never get to the gateway.

I have contacted support several times and have even had the modem replaced today.  Also, had a new block of IP's assigned.  Any help would be appreciated.   The traceroute goes in the same direction but hits another address (maybe the wan of the router) which is not hit when I traceroute to the gateway.

Any thoughts?  We have verified that the devices inside (Fortigate, cisco switch, lantronix, even a PC with the static) were configured correctly, could ping the gateway and get out the internet.

Any help would be appreciated.  Comcast worked with me to ensure the FW setting s were turned off correctly as well.


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Re: Can't ping a device on my static IP range

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I am a new Comcast business customer and I cannot get to my static IP's from the internet.  I can get to the gateway assigned.  We have a PC, fortigate outside interface, lantronix and a wireless router attached.  We have confimred from support that everything on the inside looks correct, we can ping out but cannot get in.   Have had at least 10 calls with support and even had the comcast modem replaced.  I cannot ping or traceroute.  Traceroute does not get to the gateway.  Gets to some address that is not in the traceroute to the gateway but follows the same path up to that point. Any ideas?


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Re: New Comcast customer cannot ping or traceroute to 5 static IP addresses

Welcome nthomas35. Our Tier 2 agent was able to complete a trace to the gateway as well as the Fortinet.  

Suggest checking the firewall settings on the additional devices as the IP scope is configured on the gateway.




TraceRoute from to X.X.X.254]

Hop (ms) (ms) (ms)        IP Address Host name
  0    0    0  
  1    3    3  
  24    23    23  
  34    35    35  
  34    34    34  
  41    41    41  
  53    59    60  
  47    68    42       X.X.X.254  

((Gateway IP)

Trace complete


TraceRoute from to X.X.X.252 []

Hop (ms) (ms) (ms)        IP Address Host name
  0    0    0  
  4    4    2  
  23    23    23  
  35    35    35  
  36    34    34  
  50    41    41  
  55    59    60  
  44    43    44  
  44    43    45       X.X.X.252 


Trace complete


Thank You