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rental modem vs owned modem

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rental modem vs owned modem

I have been a business customer for about 3 years. I recently upgraded from 50 to 150 speed and also decided to buy my own modem.

Before I hooked up my new modem, I ran a speed test on my Comcast modem (high 170's as an average). I then installed my Motorola MB8600 and got it working with Comcast. I ran some speed tests and these run in the neighborhood for low 140's. I am surprised that there is a 30Mbps deifference......Is this normal?


I have the same computer, cables and router (I even speed tested without the router)

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Re: rental modem vs owned modem


Hi RaceDod and welcome to the support forums.


I can certainly assist with your speeds. Please private message me your full name, the full address and the phone number associated with the account.

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Re: rental modem vs owned modem

You can't just buy a modem and have at it, Comcast needs to send it the correct boot file that configures it properly.  You have to call their tech suppport and have them change the configuration in their system for your modem model.

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