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Unable to get support

Unable to get support

Called business support line five times: after 12, 18, 13, 6 and 11 minutes the system has hung up on me.


Please could someone get in touch immediately. Patience wearing thin.


Re: Unable to get support

At least you found a number, I'm searching the site and one would think that under "contact us" there would be a way to contact someone other than posting to forum.  Can you share the number you are calling?

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Re: Unable to get support

Contact Us


Shows the normal business support number is 1-800-391-3000.

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Re: Unable to get support

Or you can call the number listed above and go round and round with the recording help line which runs you around in circles... and if it isn't normal business hours, good luck. We have had issues since we switched to Comcast... best solution... DON'T SWITCH


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Re: Unable to get support

Who did you have prior to Comcast/Xfinity?  Were you happy with the service from the other provider?   I can't get service, support or quality internet connectivity from our office suite.  It goes down frequently and the only support is an automated attendant at the 800-391-3000 line that advises they are aware of outages in the area and approximate time for resolution.    I'm trying to run a business and Xfinity is not a good business partner. 

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Re: Unable to get support

Xfinity isn't a business service.  It is a residential service.  If you are going to diss a company at least diss the correct product!


If you call the 800 and put in your phone number and get a recording that there's an outage in your area then it's not your particular cable modem or your cable line.   All ISP's have outages from time to time.   it's not like telephone service which has 911 on it and there's specific federal and state regulations that require 24x7 becaue someone's life could depend on it.


if ISPs all had 24x7 then prices of Internet connectivity would be at least quadruple.


The biggest problem with Internet connectivity is that people assume because it has 99% uptime that this is the same as 99.99999% uptime.   It really isn't.


There is software you can run that will monitor your uptime.   If you really need the best uptime then you should get a couple of Internet connections from differnet providers then montor them to see who has the best uptime.   Then you can cancel the rest.  Or better yet you can buy a router that will take 2 different ISP connections one as a primary the other as a failover.


Re: Unable to get support

I've had the same problem. A billing problem took a week and several hours on the telephone. You can't really reach them any other way. Seems like they make it harder for business class users. And, we had the same problem with being cutoff... that was last year, so apparently they still have the problem.


This week we have had 5 outages for 3-4 hours each. It might be different if they actually would explain what the hell is going on. Seems like they make it harder for business class users.


Despite what fanboys might say, our expectations isn't the problem. The lack of communication from Comcast is.


I have their app and have it set for notifications of area outages and when they are fixed... checked it again today. We NEVER get a notification.


We stopped our TV and voice because of customer service issues.


We are looking for alternatives.

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