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Multiple outages - escalation?

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Multiple outages - escalation?

We have been down 4 documented times in the last 6 weeks. These times usually have lasted at least a work day.  There have been several other shorter times.  We went down yesterday and are still down again today.  Needless to say I am upset and our business can't function.  Unfortunately, I dropped our backup provider to try to save some money.  


Usually, Comcast claims there is no outage at first, then someone finds it truly is an outage (after making us reboot, reset...).  Many times they are blaming a storm.  To me, there appears to be a bigger issue and Comcast is not willing to address it.  If they have a box or lines or node which consitently goes down, do they not address the core issue?  There has to be a bigger issue with the box or the lines in our area.  It appears, they just correct each problem as it occurs instead of addressing the real issue.  How do I get them to look into it or escalate the issue?  


As a side note, my personal house is 2 blocks from the office and has Comcast as well.  Usually, both go down at the same time which truly shows it is an outage and I know before I call.  However, this is not always the case.  Yesterday, the house was down but it is up fine today.  It's very frustrating that I have to pay for 2 services as one is not reliable.  I will probably switch the office to another provider after battling with them about my contract.  It's very interesting their first troubleshooting is always our equipment.  Of the four times, they did replace the modem once.  It was during the course of an outage though.


Not sure how this forum truly works, but here are the details of this outage:


Today's process went as as follows (and this is usually the case):


  1. I make the initial phone call at 9 am about service outage today:
    1. Automated system says no outages in my area.  Truly, it was up and down yesterday and no one fixed.  It was towards end of day and we just left to go work at home.
    2. Speak to tech and they say there is an outage but not "declared". (poor communication already - is it an outage or not?)
    3. Had me restart modem, they did their reset, says doesn't appear it is your equipment
    4. Give us some time to correct the error.  
  2. I call an hour later at 10 am:
    1. Automated system says no outages
    2. Speak to tech and they say outage ended
    3. I indicate still down.  She sees we are still having problems.  Service tech scheduled from 1 to 3.
  3. At 1 pm, I get an automated phone call service tech was cancelled and all problems corrected.  We are still down.
  4. I call in immediately
    1. Automated service now says there is an outage in area.  Really?  Can't they get anything straight?
    2. Speak to service rep, he says issue should be corrected by 2:30.
    3. He says he does not see service tech scheduled and never was (as if I am lying).  I get heated and say look again.  He says oh yeah, I see it now but it was cancelled because there is outage in area.
    4. I ask if there is any way to see how many times this box has been addressed in past 6 weeks, he says he does not have access to that information.
  5. It's 2:30, we are still down.


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Re: Multiple outages - escalation?

Hello jackeboat and welcome to forums,


I apologize for the delayed response to your post. I would like to look into this issue for you to find a permanent solution. Would you please send me a private message with your account information (both residential and business accounts) so I can review the issue.


Thank You

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