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Moving-Need site survey but calling doesn't help


Moving-Need site survey but calling doesn't help

Hello, I have tried for the last 4 months to get a site survey done on my new office location. Back in March when I called to schedule a move, I would told there currently did not appear that there was any service at that location, so a site survey was needed. I was told that I would be contacted when the surveyor was on site and get the results of the survey via email. I have never heard anything. When I called back 3 weeks later (after the date of the supposed survey), I was told that they didn't even have it in the system for a survey. I asked to get one put in yet again. However, still nothing. Here it is now August and I still do not have a site survey. I have reached out via email to two individuals who contacted me. They say they will help, but then I never hear back.


My office location is going to move soon, and I NEED to get this survey done to know about moving my service. But no one can seem to help get this done. The old and new office location is in Miami, FL. Please, who do I have to talk to to get something done. Everytime I have to do major work at this office location, it takes an act of Congress and 50 phone calls and 20 site vistis. This is uncalled for. My Jacksonville location doesn't have this issue.


Thank you in advance.

Really needing some help to get this move to happen, before we switch providers.

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Re: Moving-Need site survey but calling doesn't help

Hello crossb0nes and welcome to forums,


I apologize for my delayed response to your post. I would like to investigate this install delay for you. Would you please send me a private message with your transfer order number and the name of your rep handling the request?


Thank You

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