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Lied to about wifi access


Lied to about wifi access

Ive had my account about 3 years now, 2 of which I tried fervently to figure out why I couldn't sign in to Xfinity hotspots, after being told numerous times by support tech and others at Comcast Business that business customers could use thier Comcast emails to utilize Xfinity hotshots and wifi resources. I had the opportunity to speak to one of the regions Tech Ops Administrators, initials P. V. who recently told me unequivocally that there is no access to Xfinity hotshots for Comcast Business customers. So all these years wasting my time over a lie. I want to converse with someone regarding this fiasco. I have been told that lie from the first day I signed up for Comcast Business and I think I need to be compensated for uneccessarily frustration. Or I could start contacting regulators about it and present some of the email I received during the time the support was pretending to help me connect?
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Re: Lied to about wifi access

Hello magusat999 and welcome to forums,


I apologize for any confusion caused by our support teams on the access you should have with a business account. According to my knowledge and the rest of my forum support team we can confirm that you in-fact CAN use Xfinity wifi with one of the emails on your business account. Perhaps there is an issue with the profile itself. Would you please send a private message with the email that you are using to access Xfinity Wifi so I can investigate?

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