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Connectivity issues

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Connectivity issues

So my organization just got Comcast Business internet with 5 static IP addresses 3 days ago. Ever since then, I have been fighting with their equipment trying to get even basic DHCP networking working. 


I have their modem/router gateway together. I have one desktop and one server, as well as a wireless router connected to the gateway. 


I have the desktop setup to obtain an ip address via dhcp (reserved by mac address) (

I have the server setup to obtain an ip address via dhcp (reserved by mac address). ( The server is xenserver 6.5. They've offered all the help they can give me, they believe the problem lies in the hardware. 


When plugged into the gateway, I can ping from the server to the outside world, but sometimes theres a huge delay between responses (sometimes its like 0.5ms, othertimes its upwards of 120ms delay). 


Whenever I try pinging the server, I get mixed results. Most of the time, I get a 'host unreachable' error, other times I get a really long response time, and finally other times I get errors like (Redirect from


When I restart the machine or the internet connection at the router, I can usually ssh or ping the machine onces successfully before it starts causing problems. 


I had all of this hooked up before with residential comcast and my wireless router acting as dmz, and did not have these problems, so I am pretty sure it's something with the equipment. 


I have a barebones configuration on the modem, with the exception of adding both my desktop and server as reserved IP machines.


Can somebody please help me?

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Re: Connectivity issues

Hello workaholicstudios and welcome to forums,


I recently replied to your post Topic " Assigning static IP addresses"


Unfortunately it appears as though you may need to hire an IT professional to help you resolve you local networking issues. I provided some basic information on the static IP's but it appears that some research on Public IP's verses Private IP's will help clear this issue up for you. The term "Static IP" simply means that it was added manually and will remain until it it manually changed. "Public IP's" (what you have from Comcast) are for internet traffic to route into that address, perhaps hosting your website content or files to be shared. "Private IP's" are for your local network to allow computers to talk to one-another.


Without much knowledge on your network configuration nor the ability to support each customers private network, I feel this information my prove helpful in your networking endeavors. Please let me know if you have any other questions.


Thank you

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