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Comcast Business Connection Pro

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Comcast Business Connection Pro

Today, Comcast Business announced the launch of Conncetion Pro, the first automatic 4G wireless backup internet connection offered by a broadband provider. 


Comcast Business Connection Pro is a Business Internet add-on that provides small businesses nationwide an automatic 4G LTE cellular back-up that helps keep essential business functions going during outages caused by power failure or network disruption.


In the event of an internet or network disruption, Connection Pro automatically connects to the stronger of two redundant wireless networks, allowing small businesses to power their essential business functions – such as point of sale systems, back office connections, email and cloud-based applications – for up to 8 hours.


Comcast Business Connection Pro offers automatic back-up at an affordable price. Connection Pro is available to Business Internet customers for an additional $29.95 per month with a term agreement. Comcast Business Connection Pro includes:

  • Automatic 4G LTE back-up across the stronger of two redundant wireless networks
  • A backup battery that provides up to eight hours of power
  • An intuitive online portal that allows customers to monitor their service status

For more information on the full Comcast Business Intenet portfolio, visit

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Re: Comcast Business Connection Pro

Really?? You people cant get your regular internet working how can you provide this service? You dont have enough signal strength to operate the system you already have in place.. I pay good money for shoddy service. Comcast business is a big joke.. Worst than Regular comcast.. Comcast is trash. Your system doesn't work for all your customers.. Im one of them.. The fix is at the street not in my house.. Im so sick of Comcast.. I hate being stuck with a bad deal.. And here you go offering more services that you cant provide.. Business internet is supposed to be better than residential cable but it isn't. Your system is junk. you need to fix it.. 

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