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Access to 10.1.10.* blocked


Access to 10.1.10.* blocked

All of a sudden earlier this month I lost access to from my 192.168.0.* IP's, no changes or updates have been done on my firewall, can someone resend the config to my Cisco modem?  I have tried rebooting everything after hours, the wierd thing is when the Cisco first reboots I am able to get to the login page and start to go in (very slowly) and then it times me out all of sudden like it loads a new setting that kills port 80,  I am still able to ping just not able to bring the webpage up or any other traffic to other 10.1.10.* devices plugged into the Cisco, but they are all pingable.


If someone could do the config reload between 6pm EST and 7am EST that would be great.


Re: Access to 10.1.10.* blocked

Had to call Tech Support to get this resolved as I received no help on here.


If you run into this issue call into tech support, they are aware of the issue and will have a tech swap out the modem/router, that fixed my issue and now I can access port 80 on the 10.1.10.* side.

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