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Abnormal latency/jitter to Comcast Edge


Abnormal latency/jitter to Comcast Edge



I've been experiencing a consistent abnormal latency and jitter. I noticed that this issue was occuring when I began using the internet around 3PM MDT earlier this afternoon. I have been able to verify that this issue is not local to my LAN via my internal network monitor. I suspect that this issue is at the Comcast edge due to my below pings. I have been looking to send an email to Comcast Business Support but was unable to find an email for this purpose. 


Comcast-Gateway_75-71-108-1.PNGComcast Edge GW IP assigned to my Modem



In the attached photo's, it can be seen that my internal ping is superb at a 1.3ms average with minor jitter. Ping to the first hop outside of my modem however is much different. While the average has been 11ms, there are very consistent spikes up to 65+ ms.  Normally, I can run a ping to Google DNS with an 11ms round trip time, but as of today, I haven't seen regular jitter and latency to just the first hop. This is extremely disruptive to my network as I use connections that are sensitive to these characteristics. I'm hoping that someone can take a peek at the equipment I'm running a ping to and verify negotiation, capacity, frame errors, logs, and overall health. Thanks!





 7/24/2017 6:24PM MDT

I for some reason have not been able to reply to this post or any other posts in the forum. For several days, there is just no "Reply" button anywhere on the web page. I tried this in both Chrome and IE with no success. 


This issue has not seen any improvement and is still ongoing currently. I believe that perhaps there is a noise problem somewhere since the connection to the first hop is very jittery. Please troubleshoot this connection when convenient. As stated before, the degradation of these characteristics has been very impactful in my network. Latest results checked today are showing my connection to be even worse than a few days ago. As stated before, this issue is not internal to my network. Help!


internal latest.pngComcast edge latest.png


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Re: High Latency to Comcast Edge

Hello evillegas and welcome to forums,


I apologize for my delayed response to your post. I wanted to check with you to see if your signal is working better at this time. Please post or message back with an update.


Thank You

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