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Please Select a Valid WAV file

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Please Select a Valid WAV file



I've been trying to upload a WAV file for my voicemail greeting but continually receive the error in the subject line. I have created in Audacity at 8000hz, mono track and saved it as a Micrososoft WAV file with U Law encoding, the file is 560kb but still I receive a "PLEASE SELECT A VALID WAV FILE" error when attempting to upload. Hoping someone can help me trouble shoot. I've had the following support ticket open for 5 days and have yet to hear from anyone. (CR776688262) Thank you for your help.




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Re: Please Select a Valid WAV file

Hi cutshop and welcome to the business forums.


I would like to assist with your audio file you're trying to upload. Are you trying to upload this for your hold music on the Business Voice Edge services? If so, are you trying to do so through the portal just like in the following link?

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