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Disable Auto Attendant

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Disable Auto Attendant

Is it possible to toggle auto attendant on and off? There are times of the year where we would prefer the phone to ring directly and not dump customers in the auto attendant. Also is there a setting to change the amount of rings before auto attendant picks up? Ours currently picks up in like 1/2 a ring, we would like 2 or 3 before pickup.

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Re: Disable Auto Attendant


Hi dublinag and welcome to the business forums.


You're definitely able to manage your automated attendant within the business portal as shown here:


To disable and enable entirely, you would need to do so here: . Hope this helps. Please do let me know if you need anything.

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Re: Disable Auto Attendant

I am a new customer who has an install date set for 3/16/2018.  Will I be given a username and password to access the site at the time of install?







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Re: Disable Auto Attendant


Hi Dave with USServicesLLC. 


Thanks for posting on the forums. Once your Enterprise Voice Edge services are installed, you will be able to access the Edge Portal. Your Enterprise Admin or Technical Admin will help with your username and password. Please let me know if you need anything. 

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