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Changing Direct Lines

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Changing Direct Lines

We recently had Comcast Business VoiceEdge installed at our new office.  We were issued a main number and 4 direct numbers for the 4 phones in our office.  


(XXX) XXX-2804 Conf Room

(XXX) XXX-2805 Open Office

(XXX) XXX-2806 Employee 1

(XXX) XXX-2807 Employee 2


2 of the numbers are assigned to employees and the other 2 are assigned to an open office and conference room.


The problem is that comcast did not assign the numbers to the employees as discussed so I am wondering if I can assign Employees 1 & 2 to the numbers that the Conf Room and Open Office currently hold?  Is it a matter of physically moving the phones or is this handled through the portal?




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Community Manager

Re: Changing Direct Lines

Hello and welcome to forums,


Have you been able to visit the site to review the wealth of training resources available to you? Please visit this page to learn more about your feature access and please let me know if you do not find what you are looking for.


Thank You

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