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Call Rejection on hunt group

Call Rejection on hunt group

We are trying to block an annoying telemarker who keeps calling.


We set up Call Rejection Selective on the office administrator's extension and direct number.  It works if the person's direct number is dialed.  However, that direct number is not used.  Rather, the main number is dialled and it goes to the hunt group.  


How do we set up the call rejection on our hunt group so the telemarketer's phone number is rejected before it gets to the hunt group?

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Re: Call Rejection on hunt group

Hello webmaster_StE and welcome,


I do not believe there is a facility to set up Call Rejection Selective (CRS) on your direct Telephone Numner (TN) if it is in use and within a hunt group structure. However, you can program  CRS on each of the TNs within you hunt group and this will allow any open/available TNs to reject the call just as it would as your unused direct TN. 


Hope this helps you out.

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Re: Call Rejection on hunt group

Running into this same problem. You can add a block to each user in the hunt group, which only blocks when that users direct number is dailed. It will still ring all phones when coming in on the main line. 


I wish the sales guy new this. He said blocking calls is no issue. In a hunt group it is.

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