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"Extended Abscence Greeting" - Needs Voicemail feature!

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"Extended Abscence Greeting" - Needs Voicemail feature!

The "Extended Abscence Greeting" has no voicemail option for my customers who call. What good is that?

MY customers need to be able to leave a voicemail about any issues or problems.


The purpose of a temporary alternate "Extended Abscence" Greeting is to retain the normal greeting to revert back to when normal hours resume... When my business closes for a holiday and I want to have a different greeting to notify callers of holiday hours, I would like to use the extended abscence greeting feature... The problem is that you don't allow voicemail. After hearing my greeting, my customers just hear "Goodby" from your system.


This is very inconvenient because I am forced to re-record my greeting every time we close for a holiday, and re-record again to recreate our normal greeting.

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Re: "Extended Abscence Greeting" - Needs Voicemail feature!

I totally agree and I'm adding my voice to this message so that others will see it.


just found out that the extended absence greeting does not allow callers to leave a voicemail after we switched over it and a patient told us she could not leave a message.


Comcast, please let us know if there is any way you can change this - or if it's the simple matter of changing a setting in our system features online.



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Re: "Extended Abscence Greeting" - Needs Voicemail feature!

Hi VHH and welcome to the support forums.


I can help with your inquiry for the extended absence greeting. The feature is working as intended. Anyone calling in would not be able to leave a voicemail if this feature was active. I would recommend leaving your phone line as it is to receive voicemails. Hope this helps.

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