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Transfer from ATT to Comcast incomplete after 5 month

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Transfer from ATT to Comcast incomplete after 5 month

We contracted with Comcast in December of 2016  to transfer our phone, internet business services from ATT.

Besides our current phone lines we had an old business phone number  the calls to which were transferred automatically  by ATT directly to our current numbers.

When the Comcast sales people talked to us they assured that it would be no problem for Comcast to do the same.

To our surprise we discovered after 5 months that the transfer was still done by ATT which was still on autopay for this service. When we asked ATT to stop billing us for the old phone ring transfer the service stopped. Now we have our old business phone number showing disconnected and no longer in service when called.

We have the transfer of this old phone number 305-264-8391  to our new one specified on the Comcast contract. When we called no one seemed to have a clue. We were promised a call back which did not materialize yet.

This issue needs immediate attention by Comcast Business because since we disconnected from ATT we have been losing valuable calls from our customers.

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Community Manager

Re: Transfer from ATT to Comcast incomplete after 5 month

Hello Digital1 and welcome to forums,


I am sorry to hear about your number port not being completed as you requested. There is a chance that we have to start the port order again to procure that number. Do you know if the AT&T account is completely disconnected? Is this the only number that was in the port request? Did you complete your Letter Of Authorization LOA to have the number ported? Though I have more questions these are the main few that come to mind. Would you please send me a private message with more details so I can investigate for you?


Thank You

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