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Incoming calls are not completing upon answering

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Incoming calls are not completing upon answering

This issue is with incoming calls.  The phone rings, the caller ID box shows a name/number, I pick up the receiver and there's nothing but dead air.  I hang up and then a few seconds later, another call comes in with a note in the caller ID box that reads No-Data and the person that called previously with dead air is now there.   Someone told us today that the phone rings and rings with no pick up, no voice mail transfer, nothing so they call right back.  Is this a Comcast issue or phone system issue?

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Re: Incoming calls are not completing upon answering

Hello KFDE530 and welcome,


I recommend that you contact 800-391-3000 and use the technical digital voice option and have the technical agent check your switch to make sure all switch settings are correcta and then perform an admin reset on your Comcast Telephone modem and this should correct your issues. If it does not then you should have a technician schedule to you business to further diagnose the resolution.


Hope this helps you out.

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