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Import Contacts

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Import Contacts

When Itry to import my contacts that are currently in a .csv file I get the following error message.  Error with file. Please follow correct naming rules.

Can anyone tell me what the correct naming rules are?

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Re: Import Contacts

Hi BARuser1 and welcome to the business forums.


I would like to help with your importing issue. Could you confirm what application you are trying to import your contacts to?

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Re: Import Contacts

When I am in the Voice Edge program under Directory, go to the personal directory and it states that you can import a .csv file.  I have received all sorts of errors.


Naming Functions

Unable to import at this time, please try later


Where are the instructions to import contacts into the personal directory using a csv file?  if you have this feature there must be a way for it to work.


The import worked great in the Softphone application


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Re: Import Contacts

Hi again, BARuser1. I can still help with your directory.


Try to use this page to import multiple names and phone numbers from a file on your computer to your Personal Phone List.  Imported files must use a comma-delimited format (.CSV extension) containing the name and number of each contact.  You can export contact information into a .CSV file using Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel or another program, or you can use a plain-text editor such as Notepad to create a .CSV file from scratch.


Note however that the first line of the import file must define two columns: Name and Number.  If these column headers are not present, the file cannot be imported.  Each line following the column headers should include the name and number of one contact, each value enclosed in quotation marks and separated by a comma.


Below is a sample of the format required for the import file:

"Jane B Doe","301-555-1231" 
"Jane M Doe","301-555-1232" 
"Jane W Doe","301-555-1233" 
"John B Doe","301-555-1234" 
"John D Doe","301-555-1235" 
"John Y Doe","301-555-1236"


Please let me know if that works for you.

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