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"We'll Make it Right"


"We'll Make it Right"

I recently had a unacceptable experience while moving my business and Comcast Business Class Service from one local location to another.  The Comcast Representative understood my frustration and agreed my case had been handled inexcusably.  So, she sent me a "We'll Make it Right" Card.  She explained that someone would take the details of what had happened during my transition and MAKE IT RIGHT.  Now, I come to find there is supposedly nowhere I can SEND the details of my circumstances.  I am being told to call another toll-free number and explain my case for at least the tenth time.  I already have all of the case details written out.  I do not want to make yet another time-consuming call to try and explain the details only to find it necessary to go through multiple channels all over again.  One of the greatest concerns of my case is that I have spent over FOUR HOURS on the telephone trying to have the MISTAKES made on my account corrected.  I can NOT continue to spend valuable phone time.  I am a small businessowner who already suffers from not having enough time in the day for business matter.  The time I have wasted trying to resolve the 'DISCONNECT' between Comcast departments is inexcusable and has to stop.  Can someone please provide me with an e-mail address where I can express my concerns?  I am STILL having tremendous difficulty trying to get Comcast to "MAKE IT RIGHT."

Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: "We'll Make it Right"

Welcome Insureit.


Thank you for bringing this to our attention, we apologize for the time you invested in resolving this matter.  Our national account and escalation teams were engaged to resolve the matter, and are waiting for the next billing cycle to confirm all is remedied.   If this is not the case, please do let me know, and once again we apologize for the time you invested in resolving this matter. 


We are working to increase our self-service options so that our customers – business owners like yourself – can get fast access to answers and support.   This support forum is one aspect of our ongoing commitment to expand the ways we communicate with our customers.  

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