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account is not eligible to be linked

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account is not eligible to be linked

I have had a Comcast Business Account in one location for about 18 months.

I've added Business Service to another location in town.


It was set up independently but with all of the same billing information.


I want to link the two accounts online.


I logged into my longstanding account and went to My Account/Account Details to link the new account (which I've never activated in any way online).


I receive the above message when trying to link the accounts.


I'm pretty computer saavy and try to figure things out for myself with support forums, Google searches, etc. but I can't figure this one out.


If they can't be linked I suppose I'll just have two separate sign ons to manage each account.


I'd prefer they be linked.

Any help appreciated.


Peter Lehmann

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Re: account is not eligible to be linked

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Hello fpdoctordad and welcome to forums,


I apologize but at this time in order to link your accounts you will have to activate a business portal account on the primary account. Once at that point you can login to the portal account and link the other accounts to that profile. Be sure that you have not created a portal account on the accounts you want linked. I hope this information helps.

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