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Sneaky Sales Rep.


Sneaky Sales Rep.

I started my own business a little over a year ago and that's when I signed up for comcast business. I talked to a rep named Jeffrey and he helped me pick my services for my new business but he failed to inform me that I would be signing up for a 3 year contract. I was told this was a 1 year contract. This was a new business, I would have NEVER agreed to a 3 year contract on a business I was trying out for the first time because I know realistically the business might not last.  A year later the business failed and I called comcast to cancel my services and for the first time I was told I was in a 3 year contract and if I still wanted to cancel I would have to pay an early termination fee in the thousands! I was so upset because I felt like the rep took advantage of me being a young new business owner and sneaked the 3 year in the contract. When they told me I was in a 3 year contract, I said that`s impossible I would not agree to that length. I made them send me my contract and searched and found he had slid a 3 year required in the last line of a "special instructions" section. Why would that be under special instructions if this is a normal contract period for them? I admit if was my fault that I did not read I guess every small thing in the contract but I unfortunately trusted my rep too much. I gave in and said I understand but I need to move my services to a residential address and they said that was no problem and even helped me lower my bill the best they could since I was paying for a services I no longer needed or really could even afford. They changed my services so my bill would be lower for me and 2 months later it was time for me to call them to change my service address. Now I was told when I was degrading my services that there would not be an issue when it came time that I needed to move my services but surprise surprise, there was a problem. The woman I was speaking to said moving services was no problem but I would be paying $50 more on my bill while receiving less services then I was currently receiving! Again I would be paying more money for less services than I was currently receiving. I said no that doesn`t make any sense, I`m not going to pay more and get less than what I get now. She said yea let me see what your signed up for and she informs me there is a glitch on my bill and I haven't been getting charged for my phone line and that it was good luck she found it because comcast would come back and charge and collect that from me. I could not believe this customer service. I told her no, the person I spoke to 2 months ago dropped my second phone line and gave me a promotion of not paying for my main phone line for like 6 months. This is a promotion your rep. gave me and she seemed confused and said she will have to investigate why I was given that and that she would get back to me later that day. Well almost a week later and nothing, nothing at all about an update. I tried emailing her and I still have not received anything. This is the worst customer service I ever experienced and I`am just so upset and disappointed at this point. I conceded that I signed a contract but now I get treated like crap on top of being lied to and taken advantage from the original rep who signed me up for these services. I just want to end my contract completely at this point. I also reread my contract and noticed nowhere in it does it state an early termination fee. I`m at the point of reporting my original sales rep and Comcast to the FCC because it`s just not right that this company takes advantage of you being a new business owner and I know this has happened to other people.

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Hi virtualofficesplus and welcome to the business forums. 


It is definitely regretful to hear about your experience. I would like to look into your billing concerns and have this reviewed. Please private message me your full name, the full service address and the phone number associated with both accounts.

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