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New 3 year term required on move?


New 3 year term required on move?

Trying to find out why or where it's stated that a move of service (within the same building) requires a new agreement, new account number, new 3 year term, etc. Our rep was unable to provide any info supporting his claim that:


"When you move your service to a new address, even if it’s just moving to a new suite in the same building it creates a new agreement at current pricing and promotions."

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Re: New 3 year term required on move?

Hello jkim1478 and welcome to forums,


I do apologize for any frustration this has caused you. Due to the complexity of transferring services at times we need to start a new account. With new accounts services we usually start new service agreements. This may be due to a number of reason such as a promotion that you once had in your area is no longer being provided, changes on your like adding new features or equipment my also require an account change, again this would require a new service agreement. I cannot speak to each account in this example but it is typical to have to sign a new service agreement when transferring service. For better details I would require more information on your account transfer. If you have more questions please send me a private message with greater details so we can discuss.


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