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I need help, trying to switch/cancel business and start residential, this has been going on foryears

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I need help, trying to switch/cancel business and start residential, this has been going on foryears



I'm not even sure where to start this.  I moved into a new part of a subdivision, new street, etc. and the last three houses built couldn't get Comcast.  The other provider wasn't very good and I tried for the better part of a year to get Comcast and they finally said they would do it, but only if I went with Business Class and signed a two year contract.  I was ok with this at the time as the other company was so poor.


Fast forward four years and I have been trying to switch to Residential for the past two years, and trying repeatedly for the past few months.  I have spent countless hours with reps and probably talked to in the dozens now.  This is usually what has happened in the past two years and I have gotten so frustrated that I have just given up, but I am not giving up this time as I am paying a ridiculous amount of money, I have literally single handedly brought them business as now the people and newer houses on my street have Comcast, but I am getting nowhere with them.  After numerous, probably 5 or so, calls within a two week period I was finally told that I couldn't switch directly from Business to Residential.  Before it was usually, well this is confusing let me talk to so and so and get back to you.  They wouldn't, and I would have to call again.  So at least that was somewhat solved.  So I asked what I needed to do on my end so I wouldn't have any downtime in service.  They said to call the Residential side.  I call the Residential side, hours and hours more, and they say they can't even give me a quote on pricing until my service is cancelled.  I call back Business side, and they say I should be able to do it on the Residential side.  They email me cancellation notice.  A business guy talks to someone and says if I go directly to the store, they will be able to help me out, give me quotes, setup an install time, etc to avoid downtime.  


I go to the actual store, another 20 minute drive one way, and after 45 minutes tell me they aren't sure what to do and they will call me.  I ask about the cancellation email and they say not to do anything until they get ahold of me.  I wait three weeks and no phone call.  Well frustrated by calling I try chat at Comcast Business and ask if there is an email address of anyone as I don't want to call anyone, I want to sit down and type out an email so I can get this resolved, not spend the next hour to two on the phone.  Tells me he cannot give out any contact information at all.  He tells me to call Residential.  Call Residential and finally, Finally, a lady gives me quotes, etc.  She said she needs to pass along the information but someone will call me in the next one to two hours and to make sure I free up time and have my phone handy.  So I cancel my plans, and wait.  And wait, and wait and wait.  That was two weeks ago.


I literally feel like they are doing this on purpose at this point.  I have no idea what step to take next.  I have tried literally every form of communication with these people.  Residential, Business, in  store, chat, and gotten nowhere.  


Does anyone have any contact info of someone I can just email to hopefully get this resolved.  Over the span of the last two years this has literally cost me thousands of dollars trying to switch.  I'm paying over 120 dollars a month over what it would cost me to have Residential, I was forced to get a phone account, i don't even own a home phone, and I just want to simply go to Residential.  I just don't know what to do anymore.


I would appreciate any information or advice anyone can give me.  And I apologize for the long winded message.

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Re: I need help, trying to switch/cancel business and start residential, this has been going on f...

Hello phs1414 and welcome to forums,


I apologize for all the frustration this has caused you. I would like to help you get this all straightened out so we can get your services were you want them. Would you please send a private message with both account numbers so I can investigate this for you?


Thank You

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