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Feel bait-and-switched

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Feel bait-and-switched

At my old address I was offered a special discount in exchange for accepting voice services along with my business Internet.  I paid about $175/month for the combination.  I had no real need for the voice services, but they were part of a discount deal.


I recently moved to a new address, and like a fool I signed the agreement papers they sent me as part of the move.


Now I'm stuck paying close to $300 a month, including voice services that i have no use for.  If I'd read the contract properly like I should have, I'd probably have understood that they were cancelling my discount deal, and I would have cancelled the voice service to reduce my cost.  Now I'm locked in for 2 years paying $300/month.


I guess I didn't figure that _moving_ to a new location would cancel all outstanding discount deals.  I understand that those expire at some point, but my deal was supposed to be active for at least a year.


Moral of the story--read carefully, Comcast will definitely bait and switch you.


Re: Feel bait-and-switched

This is the same person as kozmikyak, they purged my account so I could register at my new address.  I have to wonder if this is in part due to the fact that though I clearly stated I was moving service to a new address, they actually installed me residential at my new address and it had to be switched back to business on their end.


I understand that discount promotions are only for a given period of time; however, if it had been clear from the beginning that moving service to a new address cancels all active promotions, I might have investigated DSL or other options.  And I CERTAINLY would have taken the chance to cancel voice services, which I never really needed but were offered to me as part of the promotion that got me the discount.  Now I'm stuck paying both for 2 years.  And I almost certainly would have reduced my speed to lower the cost.  I had no idea that I had the ability to renegotiate a contract at a mere move of address, I thought that I was still obligated to the 3 year contract that I'd signed related to the discount deal.


Yes, I should have clearly gone through the new contract more carefully.  It just seems that they could have been more proactive in warning me about the change.  But that doesn't serve their profit needs, does it?


I was a happy Comcast Business customer up until now.  They'd always been very clear and direct with me, laying out my options clearly.  But the bungled switch to the new address, along with the drastic increase in cost, and the lack of clarity regarding my right to renegotiate a contract at that stage, has left a very sour taste in my mouth.  I now understand why Comcast is rated so low in customer service nationwide.


Re: Feel bait-and-switched

I would love to speak with someone at Comcast about this situation.

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Re: Feel bait-and-switched

Hi kozmikyak/kozmikyak2 and welcome to the business forums.


The agreements signed are site (location) specific so you are subject to a new agreement and pricing. However, I would like to review your billing concerns. Please private message me your full name, the name of your business, the full service address and the phone number associated with your account.

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