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Extremely frusterated

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Extremely frusterated

My husband and I have a small motel in T rinidad Co. We pay nearly 300 amonth for internet services thru Xfinity (Comcast) 

However we do provide cable tv to our guests. But every now and then a long term g uest wants th ier own services. 

Every single time Comcast comes out, they disconnect our system. Every time. We have asked and asked and asked for them to please run a new wire from the pole to where they are going but for whatever reason they refuse. 

Sometimes even cutting our cables!!

Like tonight, we saw the service guys and went to talk to them. they said there was some sort of issue with internet but they were only interested in the stuff coming off the pole. 

HA, lo and behold, they had disconnected our sytem AGAIN. And th is was underneath the eaves os a building. Had nothing to do with any wires on the pole. 

Any idea how to get them to stop destroying our stuff and pissing off our guests??

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Re: Extremely frusterated

Hello windrider86,


I apologize for the poor experience with service installs. The best I can think to do is to schedule for a new line to be installed at your location with all the services up and working. With this we can note to the tech that the only need on the job is to run the second line. Along with this I can note the account to check for second line on all future request. Aside from these the only other option I can think of is to send your request here in the business forums. This would allow for us to highlight all the finer details of the install prior to the tech coming out. I am sorry but I can not think of any other ideas preempt or circumvent this issue.

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