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Double charge after move -- so frustrating!


Double charge after move -- so frustrating!

It has been so frustrating!!! I certainly not enjoy I have to make my private issues public on a forum, but here is what’s happening!


We moved and requested move of our service. The representatives activated a new account (didn’t tell us though) and didn’t close our old one. In addition, he entered a god-knows-what billing email on the new account, and all the billing emails didn’t reach us at all. We continued paying our bills against our existing account, and was contacted via email one and half year later that they are charging us on both accounts!


We responded immediately. The credit was transferred from our old account to balance out our new account and we were told that the old account will be closed, and starting from then we should pay against our new account, and all has been corrected! Until half a year later, we were contacted again, this time by the collecting agency.


And do you think that’s the most frustrating part? NOT YET. This time, the customer service re-direct our request to the Comcast national Support and nobody will correct this issue and nobody is responsive! What customer service is this!?


We want this issue to be corrected!!! We are NOT responsible for any such obligations! We will continue fighting this charge until the billing is corrected. Please help us to solve this issue once for all. 

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Re: Double charge after move -- so frustrating!

Hi laura15 and welcome to the business support forums. 


I would like to assist with your billing concerns. Please remove the account numbers from your public post and send me a private message with the name of the business.

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