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Disconnected service, still getting billed, told my account would be $0, bill sent to collections


Disconnected service, still getting billed, told my account would be $0, bill sent to collections

I signed up for Comcast Business Internet and Voice on May 8, 2017 and it was installed on May 13, 2017. The account was not set up right from the beginning. After numerous phone calls to Comcast Business totalling about 12 hours of my time to try to fix the situation, I put in an order to disconnect service on May 24, 2017. Since I had a 30 day money back guarantee, I was told there would be no charge to me.


Instead, I received a bill online for:$169.28 due June 3, 2017 for service April 13 - May 13.  I called Comcast and was told that I was billed a month in advance but that charge would be removed since I cancelled the service. I was unable to see the details of the bill because to do so required a security pin. I could not obtain a security pin because it was being e-mailed to an unknown person's e-mail address attached to my account. When the customer service representative corrected the e-mail address, the system would not let me get the pin online but said I would receive it in the mail. I never received it in the mail, and so I was never able to view the details of this first online bill.


Upon receiving a bill dated 06/02/17 for $169.28 in the mail in late June, I immediately called Comcast Business (June 26, 2017) and was told my account would be wiped to $0, including a new charge of $45.19 that was pending. That charge of $4919 was not listed in the itemization of the paper bill I received.


I just received today in the mail (July 24, 2017) a bill dated 07/02/17 for $45.19  that states the amount is past due. On the same day (July 24, 2017), I also just received a notice from Eastern Account System of Connecticut that this bill for $45.19 has been turned over to their company for collections. Since between the bill dated 06/02/17 and the bill dated 07/02/17 I never received an additional bill for $45.19, I don't know how it could possibly be overdue. The bill dated 07/02/17 doesn't have an itemization of charges, so I don't even know why I am being charged the $45.19.


I need to know immediately what to do to get my account to a balance of $0 and no longer receive bills from Comcast Business. I also need to know that Comcast will contact the collection agency to remove this bill from collections, and that Comcast will notify any credit agencies where you have reported this delinquency and let them know it is your mistake. I do not want to spend an additional 12 hours of my time (or more) on the phone trying to get this cleared up.


It is bad enough that Comcast Business repeatedly failed to get my account right to begin with, but it is entirely unacceptable to ruin my credit. I am astounded at this travesty of service, and can only hope I get assistance from a responsible person who will rectify this mess. I would also like to have the name and address of a high-level officer in the company so I can write to let them know that the Comcast Business billing and order systems are flawed, and that despite the fact that customer service reps are making a valiant effort at being nice to customers, terrible mistakes like this are being made that negatively impact the well-being of customers..

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Re: Disconnected service, still getting billed, told my account would be $0, bill sent to collect...

Hello astounded and welcome to forums,


I apologize for the delayed response to your post. I also apologize for any frustration this has caused you. I am currently engaging with my Business Operations Team to ensure that this balance is removed from your account. In regards to you wanting to reach a "ranking officer" you have come to the best place for that exposure. I am highlighting this conversation for my managements review as they operate directly with our Philadelphia Headquarters. If you have any other concerns to address please feel free to send them to me via private message.


Again I apologize for the experience you have had and I hope these actions will resolve this issue for you.


Thank You

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