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Deceptive Practices

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Deceptive Practices

I recently changed my Comcast residential service to Comcast Business. My reason for doing this was to port my existing business phone numbers to comcast in an effort to consolidate and lower my business telephone expenses. I was approached by a "Business Account Executive" named Javier Jimenez, who assured me that he would handle this for me.

I explained that I was happy with my residential comcast cable TV, and was told by Mr. Jimenez that I could keep the residential TV services and just change our Internet and phone to Comcast business. I told him that would be perfect and asked what that would cost.

Mr. Jimenez provided me with a quote for the business and telephone as I asked him to do, however he did not quote the residential cable TV stand alone plan. When I asked him what the cable TV would cost per month he told me that he could not quote the residential side of Comcast, however in his experience the cable TV would be no more than $50 to $60 dollars per month and that he would handle the transition.I signed the Comcast agreement for business services and the transition was made.

When I received my residential bill from Comcast it had not changed at all. I went to the local Comcast office to try and straighted out my account. and was told that my Comcast residential cable stand alone plan would be $154.00 per month not $50 to $60 dollars per month as Javier Jimenez had assued me it would cost.

Comcast residential could not help me with this issue and I was told to contact my sales person from Comcast Business. 

I emailed my account Executive Javier Jimenez and did not receive a response. I also left a phone message and recieved no response. Before I signed the agreement Mr. Jimenez was extremely responsive and now he is MIA.

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Re: Deceptive Practices


Hi PECO and welcome to the support forums.


I would like to assist with your billing concerns with your residential services. Please private message me your business account number, residential account number, your name and the name of your business. -PTL

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