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Credit inquiry

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Credit inquiry

Last year I called Comcast rep about setting up new account and was asked my SSN because Comcast need to check the past relationship, I told him it was my first time do business with Comcast, and if it is a hard pull I will consider other companies because I was building my credit, he told me that it would be a soft inquiry and won't impact my credit. During the conversation I asked him several times and he confirmed it WILL be a soft inqury.


Recently I checked my Equifax credit report and found there was a hard pull from Comcast-bay Area, I feel so bad that the rep lied to me and I was a fool who easily trusted him. I've called Equifax and they asked me to contact Comcast.


Someone please help me solve the problem ASAP!

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Re: Credit inquiry

Hello Yuwei,


I am sorry to hear about your issues with the credit pull. Would you be able to provide the name of the rep that made the Hard Pull on your credit. With this I can investigate this issue further. Please reply via private message.


Thank You

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Re: Credit inquiry

Sorry for the delay. I would require some information as to the rep that did the probe or the account that this was going to be for so I can escalate to the correct department. Would you be able to provide any and all information you have in regards to what occurred so I can properly escalate the request?

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