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Comcast never do what they say they are going to do! One of the worse ever! Don't trust them!


Comcast never do what they say they are going to do! One of the worse ever! Don't trust them!

After 6 months of frustration I have lost my confidence in Comcast. I do not want to use Comcast service anymore. I had it. 

Their customer support is one of the worse ever. When you call they promise they will take care of it, but they never do. You can read my post below in this forum under to understand where I are coming from


"After reinstating service Comcast keeps charging our small business for ETF."‎ 07-12-2017 08:32 PM


I keep running into dead ends while trying to resolve why we keep getting billed for early termination fees (plus other fees) if we have internet service in our new location. In December 2016 our small business moved from a building office to our home and internet was transferred to our new location. Although in one point the service was canceled (without knowledge of ETFs) we inmediately requested the service to be reinstated (as they did) and moved service with us to the new location. However, we continued to be billed for early termination fees. It's now over $1200 in charges for ETF and God knows for what else yet we pay our new bill monthly. 


I contacted the billing department several times. I had been told by several service rep the ETF will be removed but the charges keep showing up in my bill. Once I dont pay the bill they cut services, and of course they keep charging our business for late fees, disconecting, connecting, etc. etc. I cannot keep doing this. My business needs internet up and running. I don't understand why they are not capable to erase ETF from my bill. Is very simple, there are no applicable ETF because I have internet service (well most of the time until they decided to cut it for no ETF)  under the same business name. 


PLEASE HELP. We are a small home based business and these excessive ongoing charges are killing us. Otherwise, I am going to requested cancelation (they probably will charge ETF again) and call another internet provider. 


As you can see Comcast-Michael reply to my post with the following:


"Hello ulysses1371 and welcome to forums,


I am sorry to hear about your billing issues resulting from your transfer. I am sending an escalation to my Business Operations team to review the two accounts and make sure that all billing is corrected. I am requesting that they contact you to correspond on any need actions to get this ETF removed. Would you please provide your preferred contact number and email address so I can forward this in your request?"


I answer him with the following: 

At this time no one have contacted or email me at all, even though I have 5 days with not internet. Do you think they care about you or your business? no sir, they do not. Time is up for me!

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