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Comcast Strikes again on their billing

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Comcast Strikes again on their billing

I am setup on auto-pay to ensure Comcast gets THEIR money on time every single month and wouldn't ya know they snuck in an additional charge on this months billing and I never had a warning, notification or any coorispondance that would indicate when the additional charge will be billed, or shocker here...what it's for!  Luckly I monitor MY bank account regularly and noticed a significantly higher debit for Comcast this month (compared to the last 10 that have been identical) and called to ask why Comcast took additional money out of MY bank account.


I did not get an educated answer, but rather a repeated "I will take this off the account".  I get it, you will take it off the account, great, you should, it's your mistake.  Now, how are you going to ensure me that this will not happen again since I have a 2 year contract with your company that specifically outlines the charges that I should see on my bill....every month???  Furthermore when is Comcast as a company going to start COMMUNICATING changes that are planned to happen to their customers account???  This might blow your mind, but I would link a simple email or some communication method would be fairly easy for a company THAT SELLS COMMUNICATIONS TO THEIR CUSTOMER!!! #nocommunicationfromacommuncationscompany?

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Re: Comcast Strikes again on their billing

Hello wyman1jt and welcome to forums,


I apologize for any confusion that has been caused in your billing. It appears that when you transferred the service some incorrect codes were entered in your billing. I have confirmed these codes are removed to ensure proper future billing. I am also adding a credit of $16.33 to compensate for the extra charge. This credit will reflect on your next billing statement. Please let me know if you have any other questions. Again I apologize for any frustration this has caused.

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