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60 Day Notice of Termination?

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60 Day Notice of Termination?

Nice going, Comcast. You really have it figured out, don't you? The very helpful man on the phone who assisted me with a "voluntary disconnect" neglected to inform us that we would have to pay for an additional two months of service, since we didn't give 60 days notice that we were going to cancel service. It's not an early termination fee - you covered your butts well by saying that was $0. You just don't tell anyone about the 60 day termination requirement. Maybe this was something I missed in the original paperwork I signed years ago when I originally requested your service. I had to find this out when I got a notice that our disconnect would happen in January rather than November and wondered what on earth was going on.


This was a home location of our business, and we moved out of Comcast's service area. 

Now we are forced to pay another $109.95 for two months? Why are we being punished like this? Are you really that hard up for two hundred bucks? My small business shouldn't have to pay for your greed. 

I see that other business owners are experiencing the same thing, with the only option being to report this to the state attorney general. I have no problem doing that, but wanted to see if anyone at Comcast cares or will save me a step and simply flip the switch and cancel my service at a location I am no longer living at.


Business is fluid these days. People work from home and that is their place of business. We didn't even have 60 days notice, ourselves, that we would be moving. Things happen quickly in this new millennium. Get with the times Comcast, and stop punishing small business owners!



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Re: 60 Day Notice of Termination?

THis seems to be a standard business practice for Comcast. I'm sure there will be a lawsuit soon as more and more people are affected by this BS.

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