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2 weeks since transfer service request and still no date.


2 weeks since transfer service request and still no date.

I recently moved to a new apartment and requested that my Comcast service be transferred to my new home address on June 30 2017 (a Friday). I was told it would take 2 business days to hear from my service rep. I knew with 4th of July weekend coming up that I would be without service longer than I would have wanted and that the installation guys were probably backed up. It is now July 14th, I was very patient all last week even though I never heard from my rep. I began calling Comcast to get some answers around July 6th. I've called every day since then, I have been transferred to what feels like a dozen different departments and as of July 8th I finally received a phone number to reach my rep and a phone number for their supervisor. I have spoken with the supervisor once and the rep has never answered their phone (keep in mind I've called everyday, sometimes several times spread throughout the day). The supervisor told me that the "site needed to be surveyed" and that they can start the process as soon as this finishes. This was on July 8th. Wednesday July 12th (2 days ago) I was particularly nervous because I did not want to go another weekend without internet so I attempted to call the two of them, roughly every 30 minutes throughout the day and no answer. I decided to go through the long 30 minute process of department hopping in order to get some information and finally ended up speaking with this very nice woman who told me my rep had left early that day. I explained the situation and made absolutely sure to verify the number I had for my rep (I was convinced this number was incorrect, it was not). As of today it has been 2 weeks and I have yet to receive a phone call from anyone from Comcast. In order to get bits of information I have to set aside a least an hour to navigate the departments (although over time I have gotten much better and can recognize immediately if I have been transferred to the wrong department). I have spoken with some of the nicest and most helpful reps (not all of them mind you), but unfortunately the common theme is that nobody has any idea why I don't have a scheduled date yet. Please forgive the lack of formatting, this was typed in mobile for obvious reasons.
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Re: 2 weeks since transfer service request and still no date.

Hello BGentner  and welcome to forums,


I apologize for the customer service experience thus far. I would like to investigate this issue for you. Would you please send a private message with your new account information and the name of your sales rep. With this I can expedite your install request.


Thank You

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